Worldwide HSCT Facilities



List of Worldwide HSCT Facilities with detailed contact info is available on either Facebook group listed above or we can email it to you upon request. Brief description is below:


*CHICAGORRMS ONLY – Northwestern University, Dr. Richard Burt,, Contact, Non-Myelo, $125-200,000 (Many insurance companies are covering HSCT in Chicago including MediCARE, BCBS FEP, most United Health Care, most Aetna & more…), Join:


SEATTLE – RRMS Only – Fred Hutchinson,,, 800-804-8824, Myelo, $200-400,000,RRMS To learn more about it join the main HSCT Forum for future announcements at:


DENVER – RRMS Only – Colorado Blood Institute,,, 720-754-4843, Non-Myelo, $150-200,000, RRMS To learn more about it join the main HSCT Forum for future announcements at:


*MEXICORRMS, SPMS, PPMS – Clinica Ruiz, Puebla Mexico, Dr. Manuel Ruiz, $49,000 Non-Myelo, Outpatient, Contact Danielle Smith at, 222-243-81-00 ext. 278 Join:


*PHILIPPINES – – RRMS, SPMS, PPMS – Makita Medical Center, $45-50,000 Myelo,, combo inpatient/outpatient, Contact Sarah Angela R. Añonuevo-Yuvienco, RN Cellular Therapeutics Center Stem Cell Nurse +(63)2.8888.999 local 3613 or +(63)917.784.2355,



*SINGAPORE – A NEW HSCT facility will be opening up soon that will accept progressive MS patients for around $100,000. BEAM Myelo protocol for SPMS, PPMS & RRMS. To learn more about it join the main HSCT Forum for future announcements at:


*RUSSIA – A.A. Maximov,, Dr. Federenko,, Non-Myelo, $45,000, RRMS, SPMS, PPMS,



*GERMANY – Universitatsklink Heidelberg,,, 00-49-6221-56-8000, Myelo, $80,000, RRMS, SPMS, PPMS


*ISRAEL – CTCI,,, 972-77-777-9255 Non-Myelo & Myelo?, Outpatient?, $126,000, RRMS, SPMS, PPMS, Join:


*ITALY – Careggi University Hospital, Dr. Saccardi,, Myelo, $64,000


SWEDEN – Karolinska Hospital, Stockhold Care AB,,, 46-8-672-24-00, Myelo, $FREE to qualified nationals


SOUTH AFRICA – UCT Private Academic Hospital,,, 27-021-442-1800, $60,000


DENMARK – Rigshopitale,, 45-35-45-35-45


CANADA – Ottawa General Hospital,,, 613-761-4395, Non-Myelo, $FREE to qualified Canadians


POLAND – Klinika Hematologii I Transplantacji Szpiku,, Myelo, $FREE to Polish citizens, Myelo


UK – Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS, Royal Hallamshire Hospital,, 0114-226-5935, $FREE to qualified UK Citizens


BRAZIL – Sao Paulo, Brazil


SINGAPORE – Two Non-Myelo facilities with very strict criteria ranging from $110-200,000




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SPMS, PPMS & RRMS with EDSS < 7.5 Join Mexico HSCT Facebook Group:


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