At the suggestion of my friends on the HSCT Facebook page I met a new neurologist today…..Dr. K.  He was GREAT.

He told me the treatment I choose is MY decision….that was so refreshing.  He also looked over my MRI disks with me on the computer and showed me several additional lesions that the radiologist didn’t report.  He said “if it feels like your MS is active it’s because it is.”  Well duh I’ve been trying to tell Dr. S. this.  So nice to be validated.

He also noted that my hands are weak as are my legs.  I didn’t think about my hands as weak but I have noticed difficulty in opening things and not dropping things.  My legs I knew became weaker and he pointed out that my left leg swings out when I walk.  I hadn’t noticed that but I told him P/T did tell me my left leg was weaker.

Dr. K said he would inform Dr. Burt that I am under his care and that he supports my participation in the study and to email the nurses at Northwestern.  So that’s exactly what I did tonite.

The story continues.  🙂