I went and had the mammogram done on Wednesday at Cigna’s request.  Of course, my first mammogram, I would have an issue.

The mammogram itself wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting…..but my  mobility has really declined and I found myself using the cane and holding the wall and it was the walking that really got me.

My plan was that I would get the results back quickly with an all clear, get that to Cigna, and get my transplant approval next week with no more hoops to jump though.

Well, my boobs had other plans apparently.

Yesterday afternoon I got the form letter in mychart from Rush that my mammogram screening showed one or more findings that require further imaging.

So I immediately contacted my PCP (primary care physician’s) office and the receptionist said she’d have my doc put in the order for the rest of the scans.  Of course nothing happens on a Friday afternoon so I’ll follow up on Monday but that office is really good at being on top of things.  Hopefully I can get in ASAP and get the all clear.

I’m not even concerned or considering the idea of anything wrong with my breasts I am just anxious to get this crossed off the list so I can keep going on my transplant journey.

I’m still on the oral steroid taper and that will be done in a few days so I’m hoping for some relief after that.  I’ll see my neurologist on Tuesday for a follow up appointment so we’ll see what he suggests in the meantime.  I can handle functioning like this for a little while….May isn’t too far away…..but I have had to make some adjustments.  I need a bench in the shower and I’m trading up for a 4-prong cane.  Normally I would be afraid of this rapid decline but I honestly feel like I’m going to be okay.

Emotionally I am in a very good place.  I am grateful to the universe for putting me here and being accepted to the study and for the first time in my life I am 100% focusing on me and my health and not work or school or anything else.

I’m back to being gluten free which feels so much better.  I’m enjoying trying recipes and preparing my own food.

As crazy as this journey is it’s truly the best thing that ever could have happened to me.

Hoping for an all clear update on the mammogram next week!

Oh…..and also….thank you to my friends and family.  My family checks on me daily and I have not socialized this much in YEARS.  I am truly grateful to have amazing friends who have come to visit, driven me, taken me to dinner, stayed the night…..words of encouragement, all of it.  Feeling the love.  Thank you.  🙂