I got a call from my transplant case manager- Cigna approved my transplant!

Such a relief…..I would have sold my condo to get this transplant done.

I informed my transplant nurse at Northwestern and she said as soon as her insurance people give her the all clear she will get the ball rolling.  I can’t wait to get my schedule so I can get my “team” in place and Michael can request time off of work, we can arrange for travel, etc.

Physically I’m continuing to decline so I couldn’t have gotten this approval at a better time.  I think the steroids are starting to wear off because I’m getting spasms- mostly in my left arm and leg but also my right foot. My left hand also shakes sometimes.  Cognitively I’m having some issues too, I have to set the timer so that I don’t forget I leave something on the stove when I walk away.  I also cut another finger (didn’t cut any of it off this time) because when I was pouring soup that I made from my ninja blender into storage containers I forgot to remove the blade and it fell out and grazed my finger.  Thankfully it was just like a paper cut this time.  By the way, that part of my thumb grew back it’s pretty amazing what the body can do.  Anyway, I go back to see the neurologist tomorrow.  I’m not sure what he will want to do, I really hate to do steroids again.  I’m thinking I can hold on like this until May for transplant stuff but it may get pushed into June as a lot of people have been scheduled already.

This past week I’ve been using my walker to go down the hall to the fitness room in my building and doing strength training in my arms and legs so my muscles get stronger and it’s working.  My balance is still terrible but I’m okay holding on to stuff while in the house and only use my walker when I leave my condo.

Feeling very grateful today and I’ll update the blog when I get my schedule!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and support!