So apparently my neurologist’s request for me to get in sooner was taken seriously.

My new schedule is:

4/11 Outpatient testing- vein check and MRI

4/12 Outpatient testing- labs

4/13 Meeting with Dr. Burt

5/10 Admit for mobilization

5/11 Discharge after 24 hours IV hydration

5/15-5/19 Neupogen injections at home

5/20 Admit for Harvest of Stem Cells

5/21 Stem Cell Harvest #2

5/22 Discharge if cleared

5/31 PICC Line Placement outpatient

6/1 Admit for pre-transplant and stem cells

6/6 My stem cell birthday!

6/16-6/19 Discharge depending on my numbers

I’m relieved to get in sooner but am bummed that I’m not going to be with my stem-cell sister Daniela as I had hoped I would be.  😦

Also bummed I’ll miss my nephew’s 4th birthday but we’ll have to facetime.  🙂