As I stated yesterday in my post my sister came over to shave my head.  She brought a bottle of wine and I had my Wahl’s clippers ready.  We had fun doing different cuts but I won’t post them here because they were mostly inside family jokes and my sister did a great job with the shaving but cutting….well she should stick to communications.  🙂

So last night this is me with my newly shaven head:

bald ellie

I like it more than wearing those chemo caps actually.

Today we went to northwestern and did the “Look good feel better….” wig program where they give you a free wig!  After trying on a few I chose “the Leslie” wig because it laid the best on my head and looked the most natural.


I’m doing fine with the loss of my hair I think it’s kind of freeing.  In fact I am actually looking forward to the rest of it falling out!  My family thought I’d be more emotional about it but I’ve been ready and looking forward to it for some time because it means I’m getting closer to ridding myself of this disease.

The rest of the hair on my body is getting ready to fall out I think….I can pull on it and it just comes out.  I’m looking forward to not shaving this summer!

Getting closer to the main event….dad will come back on Tuesday and take me to get my PICC line put in and then I’ll be admitted on Wednesday for 2 1/2 weeks.

Thanks for the support!