I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

The good news is my MS symptoms just keep improving….the left side of my face and inside mouth was numb from a lesion on the transgeminal nerve and that has mostly cleared up…..a tiny part of my lip and tongue are still a little numb. My labs continue to improve and are in the normal and low-normal range and I had them drawn again today so I’ll be interested to see how they are.  I’m still forgetful and a little dizzy but I’m hoping that improves when my cold clears up.  I’m also having trouble concentrating and focusing and I’m taking 2 classes online toward my master’s degree so I kind of pick it up and put it down all day long while doing other things or resting.

My struggle in July and August has been catching colds and not being able to overcome them with my immune system of a newborn.  So I’ve been uncomfortable with sore throat, coughing, congestion, no voice, now hoarse voice, fatigue, all of it.  I did a zpack last week and it did help some but the cold is still here and uncomfortable.  I think I should have waited longer to go swimming after my “first cold” occurred….I think I got water in my ear and it’s done something to get the cold going again.  I’ll ask my transplant nurse this week what to do.

In the grand scheme of things….I’d much rather deal with rebuilding my immune system with a few colds than have an overactive immune system.

I received the medical alert bracelet I ordered today at the suggestion of my stem cell sister Daniela from http://www.stickyj.com.  They have a lot of styles that don’t look too obvious.

medical alert bracelet

My eyelashes and eyebrows are starting to grow back and the hair on my head and body has too but not much on my legs yet which is fine with me!  I ordered false eyelashes and an eyebrow kit with stencils after seeing pics of my stemmie sister Daniela and the others in the group.  I’m not very good at it at all and I’ll need some practice but I had some fun playing with them tonite and added a wig I found at a local shop.  So here are my pics without hair and with hair:

ellie no hairellie brown wig and eyelashes

I’ve been too tired to hang out much on the HSCT facebook pages lately but I hope to catch up soon and see how everyone else is doing!

Thanks everyone for your support!