I’m happy to report I’m back to work!  I’ve been an administrator/executive director of assisted living facilities for the elderly for the majority of my career.  I didn’t think I would be able to do this type of work again.  But I am very fortunate to be working for an owner who allowed me to start part-time for the month of April.  I’ll start full time in May and I have permission to work from home one day a week if I need to still transition into full time.

My current health status is improving.  The vertigo has cleared up and I’m back to baseline.  I’m always a little dizzy and take antivert twice a day.  And I’m really tired.  I haven’t been to the gym and I’ve gained more weight.  The integrative medicine doc tested my adrenal glands and I got the results back last night.  I have adrenal fatigue and he said to order adren-plus and to take 2 a day.  Hopefully that helps.

I returned to Northwestern yesterday and today for my one year visit!  I’m early actually since transplant was 6/6/16 but my COBRA insurance ends this month and I’m not sure what my new insurance will cover.  The MRIs of my brain and C-spine both show REMISSION! I already suspected this but it’s always a relief to hear!


My blood work also came back totally in-range!  I did the walk, the peg test, the cognitive math test, and I felt better doing all of them than I had during either of the previous testings.  I also hopped on one foot again which I couldn’t do before HSCT for some reason.  The study neurologist suggested I try green tea capsules to improve my energy level so I may try that.  Both he and Dr. Burt were happy with my progress- I am too!

Our HSCT summer 2016 group has become known as the “summer minions.”  Our facebook group leader had a great idea to make bracelets!  We are like a little family and I’m so grateful to have these men and women on my team!


Sadly, we recently lost a member of our group.  He did not pass from HSCT but rather from a separate medical procedure.  We are all devastated and wish his family strength.

This blog entry is dedicated to David.