So June 6th I received my stem cells back into me.  I was pretty wiped from the chemo the days previous but it was exciting to see them roll in this whole contraption where they had been frozen. That packet in the salmon color is all 20 million they collected.


Dad was there to do the blessing over them as they reinfused into my system.  Not a long process but it’s cool to see your brand new cells coming home.


The nurse is infusing them and the staff are very sweet and love doing transplants.


The next day, yesterday, day +1 I had a blood transfusion which is common.  It was a strange feeling the blood seemed to perk me up with some nervous energy but all I could do really still was watch tv and lay in bed.  Strange feeling as the body comes all back together.  No appetite and been dehydrated just uncomfortable in general but all worthwhile.

Today at day +2 drinking more fluids, still poor appetite, I agreed to try some kind of fake ice cream nutritional product for dinner….so we’ll see how that goes!  I’m not worried I’m sure it will return when it’s supposed to.

I am sitting more more today in a recliner for the second time today when I can get unplugged!  The bed constantly inflates and deflates to prevent pressure ulcers (standard, everyone hates it) but for me with pre-existing motion/nausea issues it’s been a bit of a nightmare.  So it’s been great to be able to get unplugged from the IV and sit in the recliner and watch TV and take the time to finally update this blog!

So now we wait for my white blood cell count to rise and whatever numbers they’re looking at I’m sure I’ll post later.

Not really up for phone calls it’s a lot with staff here checking on you every few hours, taking blood, etc.  It’s nice to be quiet.  But I’ve had a visit with my parents this week, dad for infusion of course and today dad and Gail.  My sis and mom may also come by this week.

My advice to those of you who will be going through this is to appoint a point person to prevent an influx of phone calls and texts and all that stuff.  Well intended and received of course but when you’re exhausted you feel guilty that you can’t really respond.

Also having my own pillow here with me has been great!  Highly recommend.  And this is a very individual experience and though those of us on the “HSCT facebook page” compare stories it’s important to remember as much as this is a snowflake diseases of no 2 cases being the same recovery is the same way.  🙂

I think that’s all I have to update for now!

Thanks to my friends and family for their support and I’m excited to see what each day holds.

PS. Oh wait the best news!  Nurse said I will only have to be hooked up to my IV 3 times a day for infusions and am then free inbetween!  I can’t tell you what joy that brings me.  No more beeping in the middle of the night because I rolled over….sigh.