Today is the best I’ve felt so far at Day +5.  Still fatigued, low appetite, vertigo, balance not great, being careful….but it’s the closest I have felt to “normal” in a long time.  I’ve been walking in the hall a bit these days but it’s not very comfortable because we have to wear gowns, gloves and masks.  I’ll have to take a pic of myself all gowned up tomorrow.

I thought I would take some pics of where I’ve been staying.  This is the view from my room today- I’m actually now looking forward to seeing the inside of Water Tower Place as I haven’t been there in years but am suddenly motivated to go.

room outside view

The hospital has a nice lounge room with computers, a TV, and a recumbent bike.


This is the view from the bike which I have enjoyed riding a couple times today.  I find it’s easier than walking around because that mask keeps fogging up my glasses and at least I can take off my glasses while I’m on the bike!  It’s also a beautiful view of the lake and the boats.

bike view

There is also a family lounge which has areas to hang out and quarters family members can use to shower, etc.

family room

This side of the family room has coffee and a microwave I think?  I haven’t spent any time in there really other than to just look around and then take pics.

family room 2

So now we wait for my numbers to fall in line while my new stem cells engraft.  It takes the body 9-12 days to engraft so my discharge date is anticipated somewhere between June 16th and June 19th.  Looking forward to being home on my patio next weekend….let’s hope the numbers agree!


My family and I have been very touched by the outpouring of our friends’ well wishes, prayers and inquiries on my health.  Thank you!