I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since I was discharged from Northwestern!

ellie with hat

Week 2 has been about dealing with pain and keeping my temperature down, regaining a little energy, and staying germ free.

When our temps go above 100.4 it’s time to call the transplant nurse to see if an ER visit is necessary.

Earlier this week it was constantly fluctuating while the past couple nights it hasn’t elevated much progressively later in the evening.

The pain felt like bone pain early in the week but has wore off.  But my right arm from the PICC line hurt all the way up my arm pit, neck and shoulder.  My transplant nurse explained that since the PICC was in the vein for so long it will take time to go back to normal.  It still hurts a little putting on deoderant but it’s almost back to normal now!

I’ve a got a small mouth sore which is a chemo side effect….the ones on my tongue from last week cleared up with the Rx and I’m using Biotene mouthwash as a preventative measure.  For those of you still in the hospital reading this, take the mouthwash home with you an the little cups too.

I haven’t much appetite since the beginning of the month.  I supplement with protein drinks.  I’m okay with that though as this past year I gained quite a bit of weight with all of the steroids both pills and infusions.  Nice to see it coming off finally.

The worst symptom is really fatigue…..but honestly all of these side effects are better than living with MS everyday.  The disease is on it’s way out of my body and it knows it and it’s fighting.

My blood tests this week were good, my hemoglobin is still low, some other stuff too but my transplant nurse said I’m where I should be and my numbers will climb back up to where they are supposed to be.

Today dad took me to see my neurologist for a check up and so I could get my Rx for Ritalin because I’m sooooo tired and he won’t mail it.  Ritalin requires a hard copy script so it’s not like he can call it in, etc.  He suggested I check out the medical cannabis card as it may be able to replace most if not all of my medications.  I love the idea of not having to take any more chemicals than I need to so I will look into it.  But I’ve never been a smoker so I’ll be taking it in gummy bears or something.  🙂

I also did my own manicure for the first time in a long time!  I did some research online for chemo safe products and found Zoya which is a nice line.  I also ordered a foot spa from walmart.com and some sterilizing tablets for it so next I’ll try giving myself a pedicure!

Also, as a reminder to those of you going through this process, you need to throw out your makeup and get new stuff.  Can’t take a chance of microbes making you sick.  Plus if you saw the episode when Tyra Banks had her talkshow looking at old makeup under the microscope it’s just gross!  The other thing I did this week was take my makeup tools and sterilize them by giving them a bath in alcohol…tweezers, eyelash curlers, toenail clippers, etc.

My focus now is to wrap up the 2 online courses I’m taking as I’m running out of time!  i only have a week and a half to complete them.

Thanks everyone for the emails, facebook love, calls and visits!