Time is flying.  I can’t believe it’s been a month since I received my new stem-cells and immune system!  I’ve been home 3 weeks now.

Here are the changes so far:

  1. I’m walking without a walker or cane or holding on to anything- I can even walk down the stairs of my building without holding the handrail (there are only a few stairs but still!)
  2. No nausea.  I stopped taking my nausea pill, valium, that I was taking everyday to try to prevent throwing up.
  3. No bladder problems.  I stopped taking detrol that was for frequency/urgency.
  4. Very few muscle spasms.  They’ve been decreasing steadily decreasing and now I only have them occasionally in my thigh. Much better than the constant spasms!
  5. My balance is improving I can stand up and get dressed instead of having to sit on the bed to put on underwear, shorts, etc.

Last week I went to the follow-up visit with my neurologist.  He suggested that I check out medical cannabis to replace most if not all of my medication.  I’ve never even tried a cigarette so I won’t be smoking anything but I can take it in gummy bear form!  I like the idea of getting these chemicals out of my body for something natural so I’ll apply for the card.

I’ve been struggling with a cold that I’ve had for a week and a half and it’s a little hard to get rid of it with a low immune system but I think I’m nearing the end.  I’ve been so careful I’m not sure how I got it.  I wear gloves when I go downstairs to the mailroom and to Northwestern for blood draws and I wear a mask in the elevator if it’s crowded, etc.

I’m still pretty tired but feeling better everyday.  I had my blood drawn again yesterday due to Monday’s holiday and am waiting for those results but my transplant nurse told me last week that I’m on track.  I’m allowed to “go out” but with my low energy I’m pretty content to stay around here.  I can’t drive anyway and I have to stay away from crowds because they have germs.  Plus I’m really behind on school work from being in the hospital so I’m playing major catch up. On the 4th my son (Drew), nephew, sister and mom came over and we had a nice lunch outside on the patio and mom and Drew  made hotdogs and hamburgers on griddle outside since I don’t have a grill (I’m a veggie).  Earlier my nephew and sister swam in the pool and after everybody went home in the evening I sat outside on the patio to watch the fireworks.

july 4 firework

I’m grateful to have friends and family who come to visit. I had several visitors this past week.  Marsha and Alissa came to visit and brought me a couple of additions to my inspiration tray on my coffee table.  They brought me a hamsa (I love hamsas!) and another stone that says TRUST.  I absolutely trust the HSCT process. They also brought me matzoh ball soup and watermelon.  Alissa told me about Dr. Burt’s study in 2003 or 2004 after she interviewed him for JAMA.  I’m forever grateful she told me about it.

inspiration tray update

Everyone going thru this wants to know….”when do you lose your hair, eyebrows, etc?”  I still have my eyebrows and lashes but have been told by a vet she didn’t lose hers until she was home a month so we’ll see if I still have them in the next week or two.  My son took this selfie of us on Monday.

el and drew

Thanks everyone from the love and support!